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Warnings: Slightly dark in places, because Steve and Tony have Issues (but then again, I wrote this fic, so everyone has Issues in this one). Also, refers to abortion. Liberal use of italics.



Notes: It should be pointed out that I started writing this fic before certain events in the current canon became known, so if you notice any discrepancies (especially in the premise), please ignore them and let the willing suspension of disbelief do its thing. Some plot and lines are shamelessly stolen from canon.


I take knowledge of pre, during and post CW events pretty much for granted, especially what happened in IM: DoS. If you don't know, here's a quick summary. Steve dies, Tony is :( and then some shit happens. Tony is a crappy Director of SHIELD, he's going through several mental breakdowns all at once, he forgets to shave, he starts seeing dead people, Doc Samson thinks he might be schizophrenic, then they find out it's Extremis and so he suspends Tony pending psychic evaluation. Of course Tony being Tony doesn't sit still, and then the Mandarin happens and Tony cuts off half his foot, and then he heals and then there are Skrulls. Meanwhile, Steve is still dead (except for that time when he was briefly a Jedi ghost).


Oh, there are no Hulks in this fic. Mostly because World War Hulk really, really confused me.


There are many stories in this fic, but this is Steve and Tony's story. 


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