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Comment fic:

Title: Heart
Parings/Characters: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG
Prompt: Heart
Word Count: 169
A/N: Yes I'm getting lazy on the titles, why do you ask?

Title: Crossroads
Parings/Characters: Steve/Tony, mention of Bucky
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Winter Soldier
Prompt: Choices
Word count: 151
A/N: Based off a theory by [info]ani_bester

Title: Pin Point
Pairings/Characters:Steve/Tony, Tony/Others
Rating: PG
Prompt: When?
Word Count: 185
A/N: I have blatantly made up a few facts

Title: Sense Memory
Pairings/Characters: Steve Rogers, mentions of Steve/Others
Rating: PG
Word Count: 254
Prompt: Smell

Title: Lost Things
Pairings/Characters: Tony, Steve
Rating: G
Prompt: Strangers
Word Count: 331
A/N: Slightly angsty and I didn't mean for it to turn out slightly similar to someone BB.


Regular Fanfic

Title: Stages of Grief Acceptance
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Tony, Nick Fury, Peter Parker, Morgan Stark
Warnings: None
Betas: [info]valtyr, [info]schmevil, [info]ellyr_in_ink
A/N: For [info]crimsonquills's birthday! Sorry it was so late. Special thanks to [info]valtyr for pushing me to make this story all it could be.
Summary: Four ways Steve and Tony were outed, and one way they outed themselves

The Fairer Sex

Steve/Tony -- R -- 736 words
For Cakes for Yuletide. A bit of stray Magic turns Steve Rogers into a woman and he wishes everyone would stop staring.


Ice Flows

Steve/Tony -- NC-17 -- 1557 words
Steve Rogers has been dead for a year. Tony knows this better than anyone.


Iron Beast

Steve/Tony -- R -7274
A Steampunk re-telling of Beauty and the Beast with some familiar faces.
Once Upon a time....  



Some Assembly Required Series:

Cold Hands

Tony/Steve -- NC-17 -- 1723 words
One of the unmistakable improvements over male -male liaisons he'd had during WWII --besides the not having to be quiet, secretive, or fast -- was how much easier clean up was.


All That Remains

Steve/Tony, OFC -- NC-17 -- 82,506 words-- Kid!            
A post-Civil War fic in which Tony acquires a protege (sort-of), tries to do everything himself, and politicians are scumbags (but we knew that already). Really, just your average week/month/year in the Big Apple. Ignores SI.  Originally written with Miriel. 
Warnings: Spoilers for Fallen Son, mentions of a institutionalized childhood.  2008 



Franklin, Maria -- G -- 1847
A series of emails between Maria and Franklin Richards.



Dr Strange/Pepper Potts (/Wong)

Comment fic

Title: Coffee Break
Pairings/Characters: Dr. Stephen Strange/Pepper Potts
Rating: G
Prompts: Drink
Word count: 76

Title: Working Men
Pairings/Characters: Dr. Strange/Pepper Potts, mention of Pepper/Happy, mention of Steve/Tony
Rating: PG
Prompt: Word
Word count: 227


Rating: R

Pairing: Dr Strange/Pepper, implied Dr Strange/Wong

A/N: Comment fic, unbetaed

Summary: Pepper misunderstands a situation due to working for Tony too long.




Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Rogue/Iron Man

A/N: Comment fic, unbetaed

Summary:  She doesn't mind the feel of metal now.